Do It For The 'One'

May 30, 2022

In the very beginning stages of my ministry, I became obsessed with followers and likes. I would constantly be checking after posts if our follower account increased day by day. I started very quickly losing sight of the point of this ministry and who it was for. In our human weakness, we try to find measurable outcomes for ministry growth. Especially with online ministries, popularity measured in the number of likes and followers, unfortunately, incurs an arbitrary value of how good your content is.

Our Lord taught me a very important message when we got to 99 followers after 4 weeks of posting on Instagram. I prayed and waited for one more follower. All I could think about was a goal I set for myself of 100 followers, nothing else consumed my thoughts. I remember the day I opened Instagram and saw 100! I was so excited  I leaped for joy and contacted my ministry team. We were all praising God that finally, our hard work was paying off.

However, when I logged into Instagram 30-minutes later, our follower count went back down to 99. Someone had unfollowed us! I was devastated and discouraged. Negative thoughts flooded my head. What’s the point of doing this ministry if no one cares? Maybe God isn’t calling us? We’re not relevant, etc.

In the storm of emotions, I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me in His still and gentle voice, ‘I came for the One.’  These words pierced my thoughts and stopped my prayer. I felt Him continue to speak into my heart. ‘I am the God who leaves the 99 and goes in search of the One, let everything you do be for the One, not the hundreds, not the thousands, but One.

His words moved me immensely. I went back to the Good Shepherd scripture verse. The Gospel of Luke 15:4 says, ‘Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. What do you do? You leave the other ninety-nine sheep in the pasture and go looking for the one that got lost until you find it.’

It became crystal clear to me that the work of God is not like any earthly work and that it also cannot be measured as such. In God’s Kingdom, each soul is so precious and important that when we do anything we should have ‘one’ in mind, that ‘one’ heart that will be touched, that ‘one’ mind that will be changed, that 'one' person that will be helped, that ‘one’ soul that will experience conversion.

Often it is so easy to think, “Why embark on this creative undertaking for the Lord when so many are already doing what I feel called to do? There are many Catholic musicians, artists, blog writers, authors, Instagram influencers, etc., and they're more popular. Should I question my call if I feel I'm not having an impact?” 

The concept of ‘One’ is a powerful message to keep in mind. If God is calling you to creative ministry or undertaking for His Kingdom, it is because there are specific souls He anticipates need your work. Souls that can only be touched by what He is asking you to do. It isn’t your job, dear sister in Christ, to worry about likes and followers, or numbers in general - create for the ‘One’.

A week later, after we were still at 99 followers, we received a very beautiful message from a single woman who told us how much she was encouraged by our ministry and she couldn’t wait to see what more we had in store. She was our ‘One’.

Even now, our followers and likes do not bother me, I keep that one single woman in my mind who needs encouragement and I do it for her.

Our Lord has called you to work in His Kingdom not just for many but for your ‘One’.


By Angéle Alonzo, Spoken Women Team and creator of Happy Single Catholic
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

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